Kern beech panels

Kern beech panels/Red Heart Beech Hardwood Panels/ Single layer full length staves

Inspiration by bosnian beech brings out bosnian beech’s inner character. The hardwood’s vibrant red and brown tones and natural grain work particularly well with homes decorated in muted, subtle patterns and tones. Inspiration by bosnian beech brings the natural beauty of hardwood into any home.

Thicknesses: from 18,20,21, 25,27,30 &40 or 45mm

Construction: Full thickness, full length steamed beech staves of random width (40-50mm wide) or per your demand
Standard Panel Sizes +all other size available to order

Glue: DIN EN 204-D3 lightly colour B3 water resistant by Cleberit Calibrated with 100 grit

Colour matching between lamellae is also an available option-see color reader

Product Description
These products are renowned for their high quality and suited for the manufacture of all kinds of furniture.

Product Feature
Our high quality products are suitable to make all kind of wood furniture like: face of/ front of table, desk, drawers, kitchen, wall, floor, shelf, wardrope, cabinet, chest, .... Our products now export to Japan, Euro and Asia.



Kern beech panels/Red Heart Beech Hardwood Panels/Single layer full length staves

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