Elements and furniture components

We offer all kinds of elements forĀ  the production of toys, kitchen fancy articles, parts of furniture ...

CNC processing, wooden fancy articles and semi-products.



The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) fabrication process offers flexible manufacturing runs without high capital expenditure dies and stamping presses. High volumes are not required to justify the use of this equipment.

Tooling is mounted on a turret which can be as little as 10 sets to as much as 100 sets. This turret is mounted on the upper part of the press, which can range in capacity from 10 tons to 100 tons in capacity.

The turret travels on lead screws, which travel in the X and Y direction and are computer controlled.

Alternatively, the workpiece can travel on the lead screws, and move relative to the fixed turret. The tooling is located over the sheet metal, the punch is activated, and performs the operation, and the turret is indexed to the next location of the workpiece. After the first stage of tooling is deployed over the entire workpiece, the second stage is rotated into place and the whole process is repeated. This entire process is repeated until all the tooling positions of the turret are deployed.