Finger joint boards

We offer finger joint boards:

- Wooden panels: finger join beech steamed/unsteamed
- Width: max 1250
- Length:max 5200mm
- Thickness:18,20,26,30,40,42 or according to your needs.
- Width/piece: 40-44mm
- Length/piece:200-800mm mixed
- Glue: D3 (B3)
- Humidity: 9%+-1%
- Quantity: 800-1000m3/month
- Equipment: new Weinig

New  tehnology Grecon by Weinig Group


The finger joint (also known as a comb joint) is made by cutting a set of complementary rectangular cuts in two pieces of wood, which are then glued. To visualize a finger joint simply interlock the fingers of your hands at a ninety degree angle; hence the name "finger joint." It is stronger than a butt or lap joint, and often forms part of the overall look of the piece.

The history of the finger joint is believed to have begun with wooden produce boxes or crates in the days before modern, man-made materials. Finger joints were originally cut by hand with saws and sharp chisels. In modern times they are easily and quickly made with a table saw or router and a jig or fixture, which can be shop-made or purchased from a specialty woodworking supply store. A finger joint jig typically consists of a moving fence with an indexing pin that is used to evenly space out the cuts. The fence is moved over a cutting blade making a cut that is then moved over the indexing pin so the next cut can be made.